Alimony Modifications

Alimony modification (sometimes referred to as “spousal support modification”) can be a tricky area of law, but the Law Office of Jhohanny Colon, P.A. will walk you through the entire modification process from the time a petition is filed, through financial disclosures and mediation, and even through trial, if necessary.

There are some instances where alimony can never be modified. If your alimony award does qualify for modification, the spouse seeking the adjustment will need to file a petition showing that there has been a substantial and unanticipated change in circumstances. While circumstances will change from case to case, some common reasons to seek an alimony modification include:

  • Changes in income and salary
  • Retirement
  • Involuntary unemployment (whether through disability, firing, or layoff)
  • Medical issues
  • Health insurance policy changes
  • The paying spouse can request an alimony modification if the other spouse remarries or moves in with someone who’s helping to support him or her